You want my lips

You want my lips has no half measures… its style is cheeky and irreverent… tempting and sexy lips only for women who don’t like to be unnoticed.

You want my lips may serve as a finishing touch to emphasize the result of filler injection.
It may be also used alone with amazing effects.

Products You want my lips
  • Immediate volumizing
  • Super moisturizing
  • Color enhancement
  • Glass effect
  • Lip rejuvenation
  • Enhance filler injection
  • Paris lip contour


You want my lips touch

You want my lips touch is the perfect anti-aging for your lips. Volume, softness, hydration, along with the invisible comfort (ready to drink, eat, kiss).

You want my lips touch may also prolong the effect of filler injections.
Suitable for women of any age and for cool man.

  • Soft volumizing
  • Super moisturizing
  • Soft touch effect
  • Rejuvenation (lip and around)
  • Prolong filler injection
  • Invisible and comfortable/li>
  • Lips protection Sun&cold