FACE3 is the first systemic treatment for the skin.
The system is created to improve the aspect and the quality of the skin, against aging, hyperpigmentation and acne.
It includes products for oral (supplements) and topical use (peeling, cream).All the phases are mutually reinforcing in order to maximize the result.
FACE3 consists of three phases:
    1. Bio- Stimulating peeling

Three peelings composed of acids and bio-stimulating sub-stances for total rejuvenation

      • ONE – Powerful skin bio-revitalizer for all season, no frosting effect, suitable for all skin types
      • INTENSE – Peeling for deep skin hyperpigmentation. Acne superficial wrinkles.
      • MAN – Peeling for men’s skin type.
        Suitable for mixed skin even with beard.
    1. Drink

Two powerful formulas enriched with active ingredients nourish the skin from within before and after topical skin treatment.

      • SKINBOOSTER Prepares the skin, balances hydration, level of sebum.
      • SKINREPAIR Protects, soothes and calms the skin.
        Skinbooster and Skinrepair stimulate collagen production and skin regeneration.
    1. 3Active cream (triple action)

Protective action, Soothing action, Regenerating anti aging action